The Basin Water Boards is responsible for managing, conserving and protecting water sources within the basin. The following are basin responsibilities to ensure water sources are sustainable:-

  1. To prepare basin water resources management plans, projects budgets and an implementation strategy.
  2. To integrate district plans into basin water resources management plans.
  3. To provide guidelines and standards for construction and maintenance of water source structures.
  4. To monitor, evaluate and approve construction and maintenance of water source structures.
  5. To collect, process and analyse data for water resources management.
  6. To maintain and update assessments of the availability and potential demand for water resources.
  7. To approve, issue and revoke water use and discharge permits.
  8. To maintain a Water Register in accordance with Section 78.
  9. To monitor and enforce water use and discharge permits and pollution prevention measures.
  10. To resolve intra-basin conflicts.
  11. To implement water resources management projects and programmes.
  12. To co-ordinate the inter-sectoral water resources management at the basin level and serve as a channel of communication between these sectors and water users in general.
  13. To advise the Director on technical aspects of trans-boundary water issues in the basin.
  14. To appointment of Chairman and members of the Catchment and Sub-catchment Committees.
  15. To prepare reports on the state of water resources in a basin.