The representatives of the Water Boards, Wami/Ruvu Basin and the Morogoro Water supply and Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA), convened today in Morogoro and agreed to increase cooperation and relationships to ensure the availability of adequate, safe and quality water for domestic use and environmental hygiene. In addition to ensuring the responsibility of protecting water resources and educating communities on water conservation, this would be a participatory effort for water users.

The Board Chairperson of the Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Board, Ms. Hafsa Mtasiwa, emphasized the need for joint sustainable plans and dividing responsibilities among stakeholders to raise the water sector's standards in Morogoro region. This idea was supported by the MORUWASA Chairperson, Prof. Ishengoma, who ensured regular meetings and the payment of monthly water use fees to ensure timely management of water sources.

The MORUWASA Board Members commended the Water Management of Wami/Ruvu Basin for the crucial act of fencing off water sources to prevent pollution and urged the same action to be taken for all rivers in the Morogoro region under the Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Board's care.

Furthermore, both Boards agreed to involve the regional authorities and local councils in addressing challenges in areas with human activities' encroachment, such as Agriculture, Livestock, and indiscriminate deforestation for fuelwood and charcoal.