In furthering the campaign for reforestation along water sources, on April 6, 2023, officials from the Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Board planted trees along the Mlali River as a prime means of sustainable water conservation. This exercise was attended by various stakeholders, including personnel from the Morowasa Authority for Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation, the Ngerengere Upper B Water User Association, as well as the residents of Mvomero District.

Furthermore, the Forest Officer from the Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Board, Emmanuel Komba, affirmed that this exercise is sustainable and, for today, they have successfully planted over 500 trees within the Mlali River source.

Moreover, the Head of Environmental Services from the Authority for Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation, Engineer Rashid Bumarwa, has expressed that tree planting will greatly assist in the conservation of resources, especially during periods of drought.

In turn, the residents and leaders of the Water User Association have commended the efforts of the Board for planting trees in the area, which will alleviate water scarcity during times of drought for the local residents, in addition to extolling the benefits of tree planting in general."